Reduce your debt up to 80% with My Debt Help

My Debt Help offers you government-legislated solutions to help you with your debt. This could include write-offs of large percentages or all debts, a consumer proposal, as well as repayment occurring in single monthly installments that are affordable for you financially.

This will not impact your credit score

Benefits of getting help with debt

My Debt Help offers an innovative plan to help you get out of debt. Our government-approved solutions can erase your debt by to 80% and consolidate all your debts into a single manageable monthly payment!

Cut the stress that comes from having too many bills outstanding at once. Living with debt is one of the biggest contributing factors to high-stress levels and stress-induced health issues.

No more borrowing from friends and family. Stop the stress of bills you can’t pay! Get rid of those Payday loans, enjoy living life again with a debt solution that will work for your lifestyle

The types of debt we can help you with

Credit Cards

Credit cards are great for everyday expenses, but can quickly turn into the worst type of debt if you don’t pay them off. Interest rates on credit card tend to be really high, and if not paid in full every month, can turn into a snowball. We can help you to get your credit card debt under control.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are a high risk, short-term credit that can be very expensive. The interest rates on these types of debt are often exorbitant and lead individuals who might already have a high debt ratio to a worse scenario. We can offer you a way out of the Paydan Loan trap with a lower interest-rate scenario.

Student Loans

The average student loan debt is $26,000. Due to the pandemic, Canada’s government has suspended interest acumulation on Student Loans until March 31st 2023. If you’re struggling with your repayment and would like more information about whether or not it might be feasible for an assistance plan- contact us today.

Mortgage Debt

Buying real estate is always believed to be an intelligent financial investment since the value of real property gains over the long term. Mortgages can also be the source of many problems if you borrow too much. If your mortgage has become a burden, call us and we will help you go get your finances back in order.

Let us help you to pay off your debt

Now that you have decided to finally resolve your debt problems once and for all, you have to complete a few simple steps:

Check if you qualify for debt assistance. There are a few requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for debt assistance.

Fill out the form that will be provided to you and arrange a meeting with one of our debt advisors.

We will work with you to find a debt solution that works for you, and then we will help you to be on top with your debt payments.

There is a way out of debt and we can help you find it

You can have a stress-free future by writing off and renegotiating large chunks of your debt. You won’t need to worry about collections agencies calling when you’re in the grocery store. We can help you to rebuild your credit and enjoy a debt-free life again.

You can reduce most types of unsecured debt by up to 80%. Let us help you to reduce your stress.

Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal is an excellent option for people who can pay something to their creditors but need to modify their payment agreements, and they have equity in assets they want to keep.

Debt Consolidation

Consolidating your debt is merging two or more debts into a single one. Some people prefer a credit card balance transfer, or a home equity loan. One option for delivering debt relief for Canadians that genuinely works is a Debt Consolidation Program.

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is for individuals who want to get out of debt, reduce their financial stress, or handle their money better. Others want assistance with making a budget and controlling their expenses. Whatever your financial challenges are, a credit counsellor can help you create a plan to solve them.

Is your health or quality of life being affected by debt?

Living with debt is almost guaranteed to make you stressed out. It’s no surprise that research has found it it’s one of the leading causes of stress-related health issues, and unfortunately, the only cure for debt is paying it off.

With our help, you will put your finances back on track and stop worrying about unpayable debt.